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Welcome to the Research Center of the Educational and Research Foundation for the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. There are several opportunities for members to apply for funding to further their education in the area of research or to receive financial support to conduct research.

In addition to the Leslie Bernstein Grants Program and the existing Awards program, the Foundation has establish a series of Clinical Research funding opportunities to encourage members to become involved in research to benefit the specialty of facial plastic and reconstructive surgery. These include a Research Scholar Award, the AAFPRS Clinical Investigation Award and the AAFPRS Clinical Research Scholarship. 

To learn more about the Foundation's grant and scholarship opportunities, please visit the AAFPRS Foundation/Research Center site, click here.

Research Updates

Congratulations to Dr. David Shaye, who is the recipient of a second year of funding by means of the Foundation’s AAFPRS’s Clinical Research Scholarship Award. The Academy offers the award to support a clinician scientist in their research education.

Dr. Shaye has a special interest in Global Surgery, or the delivery of surgical services in resource limited settings. While in the past Global Surgery has focused on surgical mission camps to address a specific need, the trend now is to focus on sustainable methods of supporting surgical services in areas of need. Dr. Shaye serves as faculty 2 months a year at the central teaching hospital in Kigali, Rwanda. He emphasizes teaching clinical applications, surgical techniques, and evidence- based medicine to Rwandan residents and students during both clinical and surgical patient care. This is in collaboration with the Rwandan Chair of Otolaryngology and the Rwandan Ministry of Health, and supported by a CDC / USAID funded grant.

Addressing the unmet need for surgical care in resource poor settings is not only an issue of education, but also of research. Robust, evidence based research is an integral component of assessing need and the efficacy of interventions.

“There is a great need to not only perform epidemiologic studies of surgical problems, but also look at outcomes in various parts of the world where basic treatment we take for granted just may not be available,” Dr. Shaye explains.

“This is why I am pursuing a Masters in Public Health, which the AAFPRS Clinical Research Scholarship has supported,” he continues, “to use evidence based methods to improve the treatment of surgical problems in the developing world.”

When not in Africa, Dr. Shaye practices at the Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary within the Division of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery, and attends the Harvard School of Public Health. Evidence based methodology and study design have proven useful for his own research and for teaching these methods to residents overseas.

Dr. Shaye hopes to continue teaching and being involved in research that will improve the quality and access of surgical care in the developing world. When he returns to Africa in a few months, he is coordinating a series of facial trauma workshops directed at key Rwandan and Zimbabwean surgeons that treat these issues. This educational series will be coupled with participants’ pre-course evaluations and post course assessment, which will include both competency testing and surveying the practice patterns of the participants. An improvement in the quality of treatment for facial trauma, a key component of disease burden worldwide, is next year’s focus.

Dr. Shaye’s studies have been made possible by the AAFPRS Clinical Research Scholarship for the second year now.