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The AAFPRS acquired JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery and has selected Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., as the new publisher of the journal.

Beginning in January 2020, it will be published under the new title of Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine.

Bringing the journal under the formal oversight of the AAFPRS will allow the Academy to strategically build off of 21 years of quality collaboration between the AAFPRS and the JAMA Network, and enable the AAFPRS to further advance its cultivation and presentation of on-target content to better reflect and improve all aspects, both surgical and nonsurgical, of the specialty of facial plastic surgery.

“It is a distinct honor and privilege to announce two exciting changes to our Academy journal. First, we have a new title: Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medi- cine,” says editor John S. Rhee, MD, MPH. “This inclusive and contemporary new journal name is intentional in uniting the traditional strengths of the discipline of facial plastic surgery, e.g., rhinoplasty, facial reanima- tion surgery, reconstruction, and surgical rejuvenation, and the burgeoning field of aesthetics, e.g., injectables, topicals, and concepts of beauty and well- being.

Our beautiful front cover with the artistic connectedness between the letters ‘F&A’ show- cases the thematic dualities of the specialty—surgery and medicine, reconstructive and cosmetic, form and function.”

“Second, the journal is nowbeing published by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., on behalf of the AAFPRS,” states Dr. Rhee. “I would like to thank both organizations for forging this relation- ship that will allow us to show- case the science and the art of our discipline in a new and exciting way.”

The journal will add a dynamic component to Mary Ann Liebert, Inc.’s renowned portfolio of peer-reviewed journals in clinical medicine and biomedical research, including Journal of Laparoendoscopic & Advanced Surgical Techniques, Photomedicine and Laser Surgery, and Thyroid. Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine will continue to be published bimonthly in print and online formats, with open access options.

“During my time as editor of JAMA Facial Plastic Surgery, these past five years have been filled with so much change—not only in the journal itself but also in the overall world of publishing and our discipline,” remarks Dr. Rhee. "Over this period, the journal enjoyed close to 50 percent growth in the number of overall submissions—especially large increases in international and interdisciplinary specialties—and an impact factor that grew from 1.41 to 3.06. This is a proud accomplishment that will carry forward to this newly titled journal. Beyond the increased quality of the science, other metrics of influence such as article downloads and Altmetric scores, which gauge public and social media interest, continued to reach new heights year after year. We shall be forever grateful to the entire editorial and publishing team at the JAMA Network for the won-derful partnership over the past two decades.”

Change is rapid and constant, however, with strategic imperatives shifting due to external stakeholders and factors. This fresh start will allow us to pivot more boldly with a new publishing partner. Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., is an agile publisher and able to shape and present content that better reflects the discipline and the audience of our field. We are positioned to build to new heights as we have gained wisdom, friends, and influence on our journey in the medical publishing sector.

“Over the ensuing issues, I will be introducing some of the new article types and forthcoming initiatives include roundtable discussions with thought leaders on hot topics, theme-based special issues, and industry partnerships to showcase the newest technologies and products. The journal will also launch a separate companion title in the coming months that will be solely dedicated to video and surgical techniques,” says Dr. Rhee.

“Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. is thrilled to have been selected as the new publisher for this important journal," says Bob Vrooman, publisher, new business development. "We will carry forth the excellent reputation and quality that the JAMA Network and Dr. Rhee, have established over the years. Additionally, we intend to enhance the journal's connection with our society partner, the AAFPRS, while expanding the journal's international reach and introducing new innovations, such as more video content.”

“By moving our official peer-reviewed journal publication within the formal structure and oversight of the AAFPRS, we are now better positioned to be even more nimble, engaging, and responsive to the needs of the field, while further advancing the diffusion of surgical and nonsurgical innovations within our specialty,” observes Steve Jurich. "And the AAFPRS leadership are deeply appreciative of the many productive collaborations that have and continue to take place between the JAMA Network, Mary Ann Liebert, Inc., Dr. Rhee, and the AAFPRS to make this vital journal transition to Facial Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Medicine both smooth and without delay."